2012 Summary Report of the Hungarian DPA Published

The Hungarian Data Protection Authority has recently published its Summary Report for 2012 in English which is a snapshot of the first months of a new Authority replacing the Data Protection Commissioner and its Office.

Notably, the Report also contains a general summary and evaluation of the provisions of the Information Act which entered into force on 1 January 2012.

The Report also takes reference to the ASNEF/FECEMD decision (joined cases C-468/10. and C-469/10.) of the CJEU and recognizes that the legal bases of data processing – including Article 7( f) of the EU Directive – have not been fully implemented into Hungarian law. Accordingly, the Authority confirms that it will give effect to the provisions of the Directive, where it can be established that there is a conflict with any of the provisions of the Information Act.

The Report of the DPA is available under the following link: http://www.naih.hu/files/2012-1st-Q-DPA-English-Report–final_3_-A5v2.pdf