DPA Guidance on the Access and Information Rights Relating to CCTV Records

On 12 May 2015, the Hungary DPA released a non-binding guidance on the access and information rights of the data subject relating to CCTV surveillance. The DPA articulated that the data subject shall be granted access to the camera records, however, due to the protection of the rights of other data subjects (third persons) appearing on the video recording, the copy of such CCTV records may not be handed over to the person requesting access.

The guidance is available here: http://www.naih.hu/files/adatved_allasfoglalas_naih_2015_1563_v_anonim_cctv_betekintes.pdf

About Adam Liber

Dr. Ádám Liber, LLM, CIPP/E, CIPM is a senior IT/Com, Privacy and Intellectual Property Lawyer in cooperation with the Budapest office of Baker & McKenzie. He has been a tech-savvy advisor to several multinational clients on issues relating to international data transfers, data security, privacy protection and complex outsourcing transactions. Ádám represents clients in connection with authorizations, investigations and audit procedures of the Hungarian Data Protection Authority (DPA), as well as concerning administrative court actions against decisions of the DPA. He holds a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Ádám is a frequent speaker on conferences and he regularly publishes articles concerning European and Hungarian data protection issues, freedom of information, direct marketing, unfair competition and IP. He is admitted to the Budapest Bar since 2010. Ádám is the General Secretary of the Hungarian Competition Law Association. He is fluent in English and German. E-mail: liber@dataprivacy.hu